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Guide To Setting A Good Example For Your Kids

A father throwing his toddler into the air while the child is smiling.

Being a parent is the most important task you’ll ever have since you are in charge of shaping a member of the next generation. However, this is easier said than done. Even if you’ve read all of the parenting books out there, nothing can make you a perfect parent since such a thing does not exist. But by setting a good example for your kids, you will teach them core lessons they will take with them throughout their lives. Follow this simple guide, and you will see your child blossom by following in your footsteps.

Show and talk about your feelings

Although you should be the rock your children can lean on, you shouldn’t be afraid to show some weakness. Showing your feelings and being vulnerable with your children is incredibly beneficial for their growth since they will learn feelings are a normal part of life. This means you should share all sorts of feelings with them, whether it is about how difficult diabetes can be for you or how sad you are your family dog passed away. Be vocal about how you feel. However, do not burden them with your negative feelings to the point they’ll feel responsible for making you feel better.

Do not let emotions overwhelm you

Do you want your teenager to manage their emotions better? Well, then you should do the same! It is essential to start with this early on so they have a role model to go off of. However, it is never too late. Whenever you feel any emotion, be careful how you express it and how you act because of it. The child should learn that even though you may be angry, you are not responding violently or negatively. The same goes for any other emotion, even positive ones. Do not repress your feelings, simply manage them better for your and your child’s sake. This way, your kids will have a suitable guide to follow whenever they feel angry, unhappy, annoyed, or stressed.

Ask for their help whenever possible

Asking for their help whenever you can is a terrific method to teach your kids essential life skills and to let them know that it is ok to ask for help when necessary. The tasks you ask them to help you with should be adapted based on their age and capabilities. For example, if you are packing for a move, State to State Move advises you to ask your child for help. You could tell them you are stressed about the move and need help packing their room. Afterward, help them pack their items and teach them how to do so. Other tasks like cooking, cleaning, and organizing can also be thought of by giving them simple tasks they can achieve. However, always preface it by asking them for their valuable help.

Take care of your health

Your health is your wealth. This is why, starting at an early age, you must instill in your child the importance of caring for their physical health. The best way to do so is by teaching and reinforcing healthy habits. Do you want them to eat healthy foods? Then prepare yummy, healthy foods for the whole family. Do you want them to exercise daily? Then go on family walks and show them how much you value your health as well. Going to sleep on time, taking care of your hygiene, and having regular checkups are just a few things they can learn from your example.

A mother, father, and child cutting up fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.
Cooking healthy food with them is an amazing way of setting a good example for your kids.

Ask for their opinion

If you want to raise self-assured kids who will openly express their thoughts, it is crucial to teach your kids that their opinions count. Anytime you can get their viewpoint. For instance, if you want to remodel their room, find out what colors they prefer. Follow through with their decision or make compromises until you come to a reasonable solution that you can both agree on. You can ask them for minor or significant choices depending on their age. However, know that this means they will come to you with their opinions even if you haven’t asked. Moreover, since they are a unique person, you must accept them if they hold views that differ from your own.

Explain the decisions they may not like

No matter what, there will come a time you will have to make a decision they may not like. You might want them to brush their teeth before bed, sleep or have a doctor’s checkup. Whatever the case, you must talk to them and explain your reasoning behind these decisions. Tell them brushing their teeth will keep them healthy, they need their sleep so they can play tomorrow, and they will feel better when the doctor helps. They may not like the reasoning. However, you will be setting an excellent example for your kids by giving them the reasons behind your decisions.

Admit when you are in the wrong

Everybody makes mistakes; however, you must take accountability for them and admit when you are wrong. So, if you genuinely want to set a good example for your kids, you must tell them that even you can make a mistake. Furthermore, show them you are willing to become and do better. This will instill in them the knowledge that they should always accept responsibility for their mistakes and that doing so will help them grow as a person.

A mother talking to her toddler while her baby is strapped to her chest.
You will build a stronger bond with your children if you admit when you are wrong.

Be kind to others

The last thing you must remember to do when setting a good example for your kids is to be kind to others. Show them how you care for others around you, compliment others sincerely, listen to others, give gifts to those you care about, and always be kind. They will learn from your example, and this will help them in everyday situations such as meeting new people or adjusting to a new school. If they are at the right age, you may even show compassion by volunteering together and helping others in need.