My Amazing Dad

“…this book… maintains everyone’s attention, generates laughter, and provides a wonderful message.”

My Dad is amazing! He can do anything and fix everything but even amazing dads are not perfect. This humorous tale of a child’s adoration for his father will entertain both parents and children alike.

7 Days With Daddy

“Nice emphasis on numbers and days of the week.”

” Husband and 5 year-old love the story because they see themselves.”

What happens when mom goes away for 7 whole days? Find out, as Daddy and daughter spend a week together making memories and trying to forget how much they miss mommy.

I Am, God’s Affirmations For Little Girls

” Kudos to Mrs. Mays for writing such a beautiful and timely book for our girls.”

“Great way to expose your baby to the word”

This book is a recipient of a Book Excellence Award in the Children’s Religion Category.

I Am, God’s Affirmations for Little Girls” teaches young girls about God’s affirmations of beauty, intelligence, and strength. This reflection of God’s truth includes memory versus paired with empowering poetry and breath-taking illustrations to help elementary aged girls build the confidence and courage to live by God’s standards. After reading this book girls will feel loved, empowered, and encouraged to build a solid educational and spiritual foundation rooted in God’s truth.