Belinda is an awesome business strategist. I engaged her for a pricing strategy session and was thrilled with the results. She guided me through a process that allowed me to look at my business from a different perspective. She motivated me to try new things and to make subtle changes that immediately made a difference in my business and my bottom line. I have known her for several years and highly recommend her and do so on a regular basis.

Jonetta Moyo Unlimited

“Belinda is the quintessential self-made woman-strong, independent, successful, all the while being fiercely loyal to and protective of those she cares about. Belinda is very personable and has a way of giving encouragement, giving a nudge, giving a new perspective, without ever telling you what to do. She has inspired, motivated, and given me the necessary confidence I needed in order to start and maintain my own business. I have no doubt that she can speak life into anyone who is willing to listen and can help you see a clearer picture of your life, your dreams, and the kind of person you were meant to be, just as she has done for me.“ -  Paula Farbolin, Entrepreneur & Business Owner – Atlanta, GA


“Belinda consistently provides thought provoking, upbeat and powerful presentations to our clients. She exceeds our expectations every time and our participant comments are always positive. I highly recommend Ms. Mays for your next event.” - Laura Nelson, Intellisoft – Atlanta, GA


“You are awesome! Thanks for speaking tor the ladies of EWS Snellville. I have a huge list of things to implement now!”

Laurie Scales, Event Organizer – Empowering Women to Succeed

Belinda is a confident “Success Coach” and has greatly assisted me in my efforts to create a dynamic and workable marketing strategy to take my business “NightLife Hair Wrap” to a new level. After completing a 90 minute business interview, Belinda researched and created exactly what I need to move sales of my products to the financial level I hope for in 2013. Belinda is detailed in her strategy presentation offering recommendations that will surely make “NightLife Hair Wrap” a premiere product in the hair care industry. No fluff and filler here, Belinda offered provable action items, targeting specific areas that I know will bring results.

I am very satisfied with Belinda Mays’ efforts for NightLife Hair Wrap and I highly recommend her services to any business that is ready to achieve new heights in their marketing.

Kathleen Collins Williams/CEO - NightLife Hair Wrap LLC

Belinda has spoken to my members at Nurses ROC Network. She is an invaluable source that has created a level of business confidence and know how that has brought an increase to their businesses and their lives. Belinda is a brilliant, forward thinking success strategist and small business passionista! She offers excellent, concrete and straight forward solutions in her programs that will generate maximized business success. Belinda’s vision is clear and precise. This clarity is what will help any small and large business break free from the norm and soar into the unthinkable!”

-Erica Leach - Nurses ROC Network/Crown Legal Nurse Consulting

I had an opportunity to speak with Belinda today and realized she’s a leader who isn’t afraid to take on big challenges!
Belinda is passionate about helping small business owners and professionals achieve success through her entrepreneurship academy and works diligently to provide value to the local business community. I would highly advise learning more about Belinda and her organization.

Yuhannes Watts/LInkedIn Expert DC metro area

“I want to thank YOU for taking your time to come over and share your insights with our students.  You are a very impressive person and I look forward to working with you in the future and spreading the word.”

Randy S. Groomes - Director of Diversity Relations
UGA-Terry College of Business

“You are such a breath of fresh air in this jaded business arena. It was great speaking with someone of kindred spirit. So few understand that regardless to what man’s law dictates about business feasibility, economy, etc, GOD always has another move. Because of this understanding, you live through such a spirit of generosity. You live by the law – In elevating your sister/brother you elevate yourself. Thus, your coffers will never be empty. Thank you for honoring me with your knowledge, your support, and your introductions. Folks will ask you what you need. But instead of giving you what you have asked for, they give you what they feel you should have. Often I ask for bread, and am given a stone. You asked, I answered, you listened. In a matter of minutes, you were spewing out of your Rolodex those who could best serve my need. In case someone failed to say thank you, please accept my gratitude for us all who have and will benefit from coming into your space.” - Susie Johnson – CEO JeTaime Media Group



SPECIAL THANKS Belinda for providing such great content on tonight’s WEPP expert call. Thank you for sharing your expertise about how to know your business personality. Now I know I’m a Tiger :) And I know how to engage more effectively with prospects and CLOSE THE SALE!

Cheryl Wood – WEPP Founder

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